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For quality wood deck staining, local Raleigh NC customers prefer the superior service and pricing offered by Express Yourself Paint. Whether your home is located in the greater Raleigh area, or one of the surrounding communities of Wake Forest, Cary, Durham, or Chapel Hill, our experienced staff is eager to help. We will assist you in renewing, restoring, and upgrading your deck’s appearance. We have been given an A+ rating for superior service and customer satisfaction from many consumer directories.


There are a number of reasons to have your deck professionally stained. The first and most important reason is to maintain the overall quality of the deck surface. Decks get a lot of traffic and are constantly exposed to the elements, and they need a touch up every few years. Another reason is that before you may stain a deck, it must be cleaned to ensure that the stain absorbs properly. A professional staining crew will do the cleaning for you. When we stain your deck, we are adding years to its life and improving the curb appeal of your home. This maintenance also results in savings by reducing the potential need for repairs to the deck surface.

Customized Stains

We offer a variety of stain options to fit your particular needs. We can customize the color of a solid stain to match, or coordinate with your home’s exterior color. For those who want to show off the natural beauty of the wood, there are transparent stains that will add luster to your outdoor space. Additionally, we can do custom deck staining and add patterns, or multiple colors, to personalize your deck.

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If you’re in need of deck staining, Raleigh, NC residents know that Express Yourself Painting will provide you with efficient, cost-effective results. Call us, or visit our store, to get a free estimate and learn about the choices for your deck.


Our entire experience with the professionals at Express Yourself Paint was nothing short of exceptional. From the initial discussion with Mr. Roberts, to the handshake with the last painter to leave my home, everyone performed their respective roles, as if they had the lead in the town production of “Work Ethic Pride”. Coudos to all. – JG & Janet CamiaWake Forest

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