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Epoxy Garage Floors Raleigh, NC

For A Beautiful Epoxy 20×24 prefab garage Floor, Raleigh, NC Residents Like Our Prices

For a quality epoxy garage floors and flooring, Raleigh, NC homeowners can expect the best results from the professionals at Express Yourself Paint. From our convenient location in Raleigh, we provide custom garage flooring to the entire metropolitan area including nearby Wake Forest, Cary, Durham, Apex, Garner, Carrboro and Chapel Hill. Our award-winning service has received an A+ rating on Angie?s List as well as a high customer satisfaction in similar directories.

There are many benefits to having an epoxy garage floor. The shiny, colorful surface not only adds to the beauty of your home but is also resistant to oil stains. Water will bead on the surface and allow you to clean up the floor with the same ease that you would clean a kitchen counter. The anti-skid surface provides traction on those bad-weather days. Additionally, color chips and customized paint coloring can hide cracks and defects in the concrete and give your garage that ?showroom?? feel. Having garage floor epoxy is definitely a way to update your garage and give it a more fresh look.

When you choose us to install your epoxy floor, you avoid the extra mess and effort that would be required if you were to do the job yourself. Our experienced installers and attention to detail will make certain that the vision you have for your garage is fulfilled in a timely and quality manner. This translates into increased value for your home, as well as providing an aesthetically pleasing space you will be proud of. Your only job is to keep it clean once we’ve installed it, and you can visit here for some comparison reviews of wall-mounted garage vacuums if you don’t already have one. Looking after your new floor is very important to the epoxy’s longevity, so we definitely wouldn’t recommend skimping on this.

Are you considering an epoxy garage floor? Raleigh, NC residents choose locally & family owned, Express Yourself Paint for the best selection and customer service in the area. Give us a call and ask for a free estimate to see how easy it can be to turn your garage into a ?showroom.??


Painted interior of new home and did garage floor with special epoxy Excellent job. Great, friendly workers -? Ron & Deeg,? Durham

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