Will Painting My House Increase its Value?

Will Painting My House Increase its Value?

  • On July 1, 2018

Whether you are preparing to resell your house, or just looking for ways to improve the outlook, a new paint job is definitely worth it. Having your house painted over will not only escalate its aesthetic value but will also make it stand apart from rest. Real estate professionals suggest that a paint upgrade can offer a 23% increase in the return on investment. If the quality of paint job is good, the percentage almost doubles to a whopping 45%.

In addition to the increase in your return on investment, the prospective buyers would love a freshly painted property as it gives away a neat and vibrant vibe. A high-quality paint job will impress the buyers even more. So offer your real estate the paint job it deserves.

The advantage over other home improvement methods

Although a refurbished kitchen or a bathroom does increase the value of a property by a considerable percentage, a paint job is the most efficient of all. Other kind of renovations would cost you quite a lot while a simple paint rework would offer you far better value on your investment. However, you must remember to prioritize the renovations according to what’s needed the most.

How to maximize the value

It is clear until now that painting your property would definitely increase its value but you must make an effort to really maximize this value. Depending on your budget you can either choose to paint the property yourself or hire a professional service. At this moment you must decide right because if you have not had the experience of painting before, you might not be the best person to do this job. A professional will ensure that the paint job is completed with utmost care and in a proper manner.

Enhancing your curb appeal is vital to show that you have put in an effort for your buyers and paint job is an important element of the overall process.

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