Cabinet Painting
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Cabinet Refacing Raleigh NC

Save money on your kitchen remodel by painting your cabinets instead of replacing them. Most older cabinetry is well built, so preserving it is usually worthwhile. Let the Express Yourself Paint bring your cabinets back to life by  repainting them! We understand that your cabinets may not be attractive anymore. They may be worn, discolored, or dull. How about a fresh new look!  We’re dedicated to serving you, our team of professionals can reinvent your current cabinets providing you with high-end designer results you want at the price you’ll love.
Painting is a simple way to give your cabinets the look you want. With a palette that is almost endless, you are able to choose the exact shade that matches the decor of your home.

Give A New Life To Your Cabinets!

No one wants to look at the same old, dull cabinets forever. But new cabinets are not cheap. The cost of labor and materials can set you back a lot of money. Before you gut your kitchen and buy all new cabinets, take a look at what you have.

If your old cabinets are still in good shape, why not have them painted? Refacing your old cabinets can cost significantly less than buying all new. And it is one more way to be eco-friendly!

If you are adventurous, you could try having them painted bright orange. Or, maybe sky blue. You can also stay conservative and have them painted white. You have more color options when having cabinets painted. So why not try a little adventure?

Express Yourself Paint will gladly take a job refacing your old cabinets. With our expert eye for detail, we can make your old cabinets pop with an appeal. You will not be disappointed. 

Express Yourself Paint will provide top-quality work that you will value for years to come. Our impeccable work will make you wish you had found us sooner. Don’t waste any more time. Be sure to contact us today.