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Popcorn Ceiling Removal Raleigh NC

Let the professionals at Express Yourself Paint bring your home into the 21st century by removing that dated popcorn ceiling. Our Smooth Ceiling process and attention to detail will have your ceilings looking brand new and silky smooth. Don’t rely on our word — read our reviews!

Popcorn on ceilings can cause problems like dust and damage easily with contact. We can refinish and redo your ceilings for a brand new look in your home without outdated popcorn ceiling finishing. Contact us anywhere in the Triangle North Carolina area including Raleigh, Wake Forest, Cary, Apex, Morrisville, Durham, Chapel Hill, and more.

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We have all lived in or been in a home that has popcorn ceilings. It is a total throwback to the eighties and should stay there. What once was a popular ceiling choice, has now turned into a nightmare. Popcorn ceilings begin to break down over time and start to crumble. If you are tired of your popcorn ceilings and want something new, call Express Yourself Paint, today.

Express Yourself Paint will replace your dated bumpy ceilings with a smooth sleek design. The look will go from retro to modern in the blink of an eye. Not only will the new ceiling be better for your eyes, but it will also be better for your pocketbook if you choose to sell your property. People look for smooth ceilings when buying a home, as it has a higher value look.

Our goal at Express Yourself Paint is to serve our customers and make them happy. Removing your popcorn ceiling will have you looking at your plain walls. Maybe they need to be painted too. Guess what? We can do that too! Call today for an estimate. We will give you a free estimate on multiple services if you wish.
Popcorn ceiling texture removal FAQ ·
While you can stay home when texture is being removed, we strongly recommend that you vacate the premises while it is happening. Texture removal creates an inordinate amount of dust, which may or may not contain asbestos, and is very unpleasant and potentially harmful to individuals with respiratory issues, children, and pets. We also use an oil-based primer to seal the stripped drywall before painting. This contains VOC’s which are noxious and hazardous to breathe. You should also have the property professionally dusted and cleaned before moving back in. ·
Unless it is one or two rooms, it generally takes three or more days (depending on the size of the project and size of the crew) to complete a texture removal. One day to cover up and remove texture. A second day to prime and patch any damage or exposed tape. And a third day to sand patchwork and apply a finish coat of paint. It should be noted that we do the above three stages on the entire project and not a room or level at a time. It is much less efficient and therefore more expensive to break the project up into phases. ·
We do not. We can drop the flange cover on a ceiling fan, but every other fixture we mask with plastic. If you are having your light fixtures replaced after the texture is removed, you will want to dispose of them before texture removal begins. My ceilings look wavy, will that go away once texture is removed? Unfortunately it probably won’t. While it maybe less noticeable, the wavy-ness is probably due to the underlying wooden framing not being level and not due to the drywall or the texture.
Absolutely! Popcorn texture is a cheap, outmoded building practice that may contain hazardous materials, traps dust, grease and smoke and just doesn’t look very good. While the process to remove it is expensive and very messy, once it is complete you won’t have to think about it ever again! Not to mention it is one of the best ways to increase the re-sale value of your home. Go to Expressyourselfpaint.com to book your free texture removal quote today! https://expressyourselfpaint.com