How Often Should I Stain My Deck?

The frequency of how often you should stain your deck depends on the type of sealer or stain you use. Transparent Sealers and Toners – Re-stain every 1-2 Years Solid Stains every 2-4 Years Factors That Affect the Life Span of Your Stain  Newly pressure treated wood is full of

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A concrete tunnel filled with graffiti

Kay Yow Cancer Walk

We are proud to announce that we donated our labor & Spectrum Paint donated the Benjamine Moore paint, to do the pink tunnel for the Kay Yow Cancer Walk held at NC State this month! We Loved being part of this event that ends by the tunnel, and you tag

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A room with brick walls

Popcorn Ceiling Removal

Popcorn ceiling texture removal FAQ · Can I have texture removed while staying in the house? While you can stay home when texture is being removed, we strongly recommend that you vacate the premises while it is happening. Texture removal creates an inordinate amount of dust, which may or may

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What are stress cracks and where do they come from?

As homes age the ground under them can shift or settle under the weight of your home, especially with changes in the weather. During the summer, the wood structure of the house can absorb moisture when the humidity is high, causing the wood to swell. Then in the fall and

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Where are sheens typically used and why?

  Paint sheen is defined the measure of the reflected light from various types of paint. There are a few different types of sheen: Gloss: Typically used on broken up and smaller areas such as interior and exterior trim. Pros – Easily cleaned and more durable Cons – Flashes more

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Exterior painting in extreme temperatures

Exterior painting presents a different set of challenges than does interior painting. Building heights, terrain and most notably weather are all factors that painting technicians must navigate in order to complete an exterior painting project. One factor that sometimes gets overlooked is extreme temperatures, especially North Carolina heat and humidity!  Many people are

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