Q:  Are closets includes in the quote for a room?

A: No, only if you specifically request they be painted and they are specifically noted on your estimate.

Q: Does my garage have to be completely empty for the epoxy floor install?

A: Preferably yes, we can however help move some larger items at an hourly rate of $35 per hour.

Q: Do you offer a Warranty?

A: We offer a workmanship warranty. The paint itself is warrantied by the manufacturer.

Q: May I choose my own paint?

A: Yes, you can choose your own paint, brand, color, sheen, etc. We are happy to pass along our contractor savings to you and purchase paint on your behalf with Sherwin-Williams, Benjamin Moore, and/or BEHR. We can also color match from other brands of paint to your preferred brand.

Q: I hear you can not paint below 50 degrees. Is this true?

A: While it used to be true for exterior paint, and still is for interior paint, there are now latex exterior paints that can be painted in temperatures as low as 35 degrees.

Q: Can you use latex paint over and oil primer?

A: Any type of paint can be used over any type of primer as long as the primer bonds to the surface being painted. Latex paint should not be used over oil-based paint and oil-based primer must be used over other oil-based products, but once a surface is properly primed any type of paint can be used for the finish application.

Q: What color is haint blue?

A: A soft blue-green color paint Southerners have been using to paint their porch ceilings with for centuries as a way to protect the house from the influence of evil spirits or “Haints.”

Q: How often should I wash my house and is it not bad for my paint job?

A: It is recommended that a house be washed once a year to extend the life of the paint by removing surface contaminants like dirt, mold and mildew that can deteriorate the surface film. More than once a year can begin to abrade the surface film which can shorten the life of the paint.


Very pleased with the excellent job that was done. The guys were very friendly & very professional. I will definitely recommend your company. –  Dougp Clayton

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