Partner Spotlight-First Class Clean

Partner Spotlight-First Class Clean

  • On February 29, 2016

Every month we spotlight a local home service provider whom we partner and ask them to offer up some useful tips for homeowners. This month it’s our friends at First Class Clean, a locally owned pressure washing and window cleaning service. They focus on excellence in customer service and quality of service they deliver. They like to educate and empower their customers in how to properly clean the home/ building without causing any damage. First Class Clean offers competitive pricing and are fully insured.

Since spring is near, it will be a great time to get your home pressure washed. We asked First Class Clean to provide some tips for preparing your home for pressure washing. They offered the following:

-Make sure that all windows and doors are tightly closed to prevent water from seeping in. Seepage of water into your home could cause interior water damage.
-Remove all items from the walkways or sidewalks if they are within 50 feet of the building. Planted pots, toys, furniture, etc., should be removed to a safe distance to prevent damage.
-If you have items, such as plants, shrubs, bushes, etc., that you are concerned about being damaged, they suggested that you put a cover over them.
-Try to avoid planting new grass seed or plants until after the cleaning process has been completed.

-If you use an exterminator, schedule them after the cleaning process has been completed. This is for your safety as well as avoiding washing away the products the exterminator has left on the building exterior.

At Express Yourself Paint, we like to think we’re more than the number one painting contractor in the Triangle. We like to think of ourselves as a resource for our customers and their home service needs. We’re proud to partner with First Class Clean and offer them as a resource to our customers!

-EYP Team