What are stress cracks and where do they come from?

As homes age the ground under them can shift or settle under the weight of your home, especially with changes in the weather. During the summer, the wood structure of the house can absorb moisture when the humidity is high, causing the wood to swell. Then in the fall and winter when we turn on […]

Where are sheens typically used and why?

  Paint sheen is defined the measure of the reflected light from various types of paint. There are a few different types of sheen: Gloss: Typically used on broken up and smaller areas such as interior and exterior trim. Pros – Easily cleaned and more durable Cons – Flashes more easily especially on large areas, […]

Exterior painting in extreme temperatures

Exterior painting presents a different set of challenges than does interior painting. Building heights, terrain and most notably weather are all factors that painting technicians must navigate in order to complete an exterior painting project. One factor that sometimes gets overlooked is extreme temperatures, especially North Carolina heat and humidity!  Many people are familiar with the old rule […]

One coat of paint or two?

A common question we receive on estimates is “Should I do one or two coats of paint?” . The quick answer is anytime there is a color or sheen change, our policy at Express Yourself Paint is to apply two coats of paint. While there are many so-called “one coat” paints being marketed we have tried them and rest assured our years of experience have […]

How to properly power wash a house

Power washing is a part of our exterior painting process. Whether it be outside of a home or a deck, it’s important we have a clean surface to apply any paint or stain. We power wash the day before the project to give ample time to dry. Here are the steps we take in the […]

Paint primers: what and why?

Primers come in many varieties: latex and alkyd, spray can or brush on, dedicated or already in the paint. How does one choose the right primer for the job? In all cases the substrate and/or the use-case being painted should determine the primer. A primers job is to bond to and seal the surface for […]

Choosing a paint sheen

Choosing a paint sheen may be one of the most confusing aspects of any paint job. There is no industry standard nomenclature, different sheen names can mean the same amount of shine depending on brand, product, and whether it is interior or exterior. So, what do we mean when we say “sheen”?  Technically speaking it all […]

News from Express Yourself Paint!

September deal! Schedule a deck stain estimate by 9/30/2020 and we’ll take off 20% off your estimate! Schedule your FREE deck stain estimate here. *Minimum $500 estimate *Must schedule estimate by 9/30 *Project must be complete by 10/31 *Cannot apply to existing or past estimates *Must show this offer on smartphone or print this e-mail. Express […]

Express Yourself Paint Now Offering Virtual Painting Estimates

This strain of the coronavirus, known as Covid-19, is bringing the world of business down to its very knees. From transportation to manufacturing to retail sectors, the novel virus is leaving a trail of disruption in its wake. And this is taking a toll on employment. In North Carolina alone, over 500,000 people have already […]

Coronavirus Update

In light of coronavirus cases confirmed in North Carolina, Express Yourself Paint team members are taking the following precautions to guard against the spread of the virus:  Proper hand washing and sanitizer– Soap and water for 20 seconds or more and the frequent use of hand sanitizer.   Gloves-We are encouraging all team members to […]