They say if you don’t like the weather in North Carolina, wait 15 minutes. That may be an exaggeration, but temperatures in Raleigh alone in December 2019 have ranged from high of 61 degrees to a low of 27 degrees. The fluctuating temperatures can be a challenge for North Carolina painting contractors. This time of year we are often asked, “How cold is too cold to paint my exterior?”

These days most paints can go down to a substrate temperature of 35 degrees minimum, and that is stipulated on that temperature staying at that level for four hours or more consistently. The paint has to have a surface temperature to enable it to cure properly. If you are going with a much deeper color change, expect two coats of paint, and a longer drying time to allow for the added tint in the paint. Solid stains for decks are typically 50 degrees substrate temperature.

Our partners at Spectrum Paint echoed are advice. Chris Boldt, sales representative for Spectrum, has often seen the pitfalls of painting when it’s too cold. “A common mistake home owners make is the wait for it to get up to 35 degrees air temperature, but the substrate is colder. Or, they start painting when it’s warm enough but the paint doesn’t have time to dry before it gets too cold. It’s imperative the surface temperature be 35 degrees or higher.”

One thing to also remember that we normally pressure wash exterior to painting. It’s important for the exterior to be thoroughly dry before caulk and paint are applied. Depending upon the amount of shade that surrounds the home, it may need an extra day to dry.

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