Behold the Power of Paint: Making the Right Selections for an Outdoor Job

Behold the Power of Paint: Making the Right Selections for an Outdoor Job

  • On August 2, 2019

At Express Yourself Paint, we have the privilege of working on unique projects. This particular home was a challenge, but the outcome has made it one of our favorite projects to date.

Our customers Niccole and Danny Rosin came to us with concerns about the exterior railings of their home:

Express Yourself Paint Raleigh Outdoor rail repainting

According to the Niccole and Danny, the railings over the past years had gotten very weathered with paint chipping and water seeping in to cause rust. “As it has gotten hotter over the years, the paint has begun to peel more frequently. When the paint peels and the steel begins to rust, the inevitable process of erosion on the railings unveils itself. What was white becomes brown,” shared Danny. “The manual process of sanding and repainting is laborious and requires consistent upkeep for our family. Other painters have tried to paint but efforts proved futile. So much so that we threw in the towel for about a year. Our distinctive home then became distinctively worn-looking.” We couldn’t let the Rosins continue on like this! 

Express Yourself Paint wanted to take on this challenge and we did with the help of our friends at Spectrum Paint. Brad Brock with Spectrum Paint was the perfect resource for us. “It’s always a pleasure being able to partner with Express Yourself Paint on unique projects like this.  One of the benefits of our partnership is the access that Spectrum Paint has to a wide variety of products,” said Brad. “We’re thrilled that the project turned out so great and ended with a very happy customer! Thank you for trusting our expertise and allowing us to be a part of the great work you all are doing in the Triangle.” 

Brad suggested that we hit the bad, rusty areas with a wire brush then apply a coat of PPG 4160 Primer (Rust Killer and inhibitor), and use PPG 4216 topcoat. This was the perfect solution to getting Danny’s home back in great shape!

Take a look at the before and after photos of this gorgeous home.

“The process was seamless. The people were thoughtful, knowledgeable, flexible and held our hands every step of the way. The pricing was right on time and the outcome was a breath of fresh air. The outside of our home looks new and delivers a sense of pride that we had been missing. We have worked with so many contractors in the building industry over the years and have never had this type of quality service. Most contractors are hard to reach, overpromise and under deliver, lack business/accounting acumen and more. Express Your Paint is the exact opposite. They over-deliver.  We highly recommend them.” — Niccole and Danny Rosin 

We are thankful for our partners at Spectrum Paint for the assist in these challenging, but rewarding projects. We are also thankful for our customers, like the Rosins, who put their trust in us.

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