As homes age the ground under them can shift or settle under the weight of your home, especially with changes in the weather.

During the summer, the wood structure of the house can absorb moisture when the humidity is high, causing the wood to swell. Then in the fall and winter when we turn on our furnaces that same wood structure dries out and contracts.

Hydrostatic pressure is exerted by standing water. It is a natural force, able to move rocks, buckle walls, and damage concrete. Hydrostatic pressure changes against your home’s foundation as the water table rises and falls.

All three of these natural environmental changes are constantly occurring causing stress on your home. Your home is designed to withstand a level of this constant movement, but signs of this stress are commonly found in most every home. Stress usually appears in small cracks in your sheet rock near your home’s weakest structures such as windows and doors.

Aesthetically, these cracks can be repaired to improve the appearance of your home. Your home is in constant movement and the materials used to repair stress cracks are rigid. Unfortunately stress cracks occur where your home releases stress and over time these cracks will most often reappear.

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