Express Yourself Paint Raleigh Residential and Commercial Painters
In light of coronavirus cases confirmed in North Carolina, Express Yourself Paint team members are taking the following precautions to guard against the spread of the virus: 
  1. Proper hand washing and sanitizer– Soap and water for 20 seconds or more and the frequent use of hand sanitizer.  
  2. Gloves-We are encouraging all team members to where painters gloves while on projects. 
  3. Team member illness policy-Team members who show any symptoms of the illness are asked to stay home and asked not to work until it is determined safe for them to do so. Team members will not be at risk of being unemployed for calling in sick. 
  4. Sharing tools– We’ve asked our team members to not share tools and if they must, make sure to change gloves and disinfect the tool with bleach. 
Our client’s and team member’s safety is of the upmost importance and decisions are made in their best interest. We will continue to serve our clients while guarding against the coronavirus.
Thank you,