Power washing is a part of our exterior painting process. Whether it be outside of a home or a deck, it’s important we have a clean surface to apply any paint or stain. We power wash the day before the project to give ample time to dry. Here are the steps we take in the process of power washing:

Assessing a house to be washed. 
Siding should be checked for chalking by rubbing one’s hand across it and looking for a white chalk-like powder If this is found and the house is not scheduled to be painted, the customer should be informed and NO BLEACH is to be used. A mild soap is fine. Any stained wood such as front doors or porch ceilings will also need to be protected from bleach, ideally by taping plastic over them. A ceiling can be rinsed with clean water before bleaching siding near it and then rinsed again afterwards. The same with plants near to the house. We then rinse with clean water before doing any bleach work and rinse again immediately afterward. 
Parking and water hookup 
Typically we will  park on the street as long as an available water spigot is within reach of your hose. In using the customer’s hose we always ask for permission. We are aware  how far the washing line will reach in order to get all the way around the house.  Water hookup is done first and the water turned on before rolling out washer line and turning on the pump. 
Standard washing 
We choose two sides to begin washing. We start at the farthest point from the pump and work back towards it. First rinse all the windows lightly with clear water. We then begin bleaching at the top and work down the house. We avoid bleaching the window glass. This is done until two sides have been covered in bleach. The bleach is turned off and we begin rinsing where we started the bleaching. Rinse from the bottom up, changing tips as necessary to reach the high points. Then an another light rinse on the window glass. Once two sides have been washed and rinsed, we wash the remaining two sides in the same manner. 
Normal washing of a deck is the same as a house: bleach and rinse. Striping a deck for new stain or paint requires additional prep and care. All adjacent surfaces that aren’t being striped will need to be protected with plastic, for example the painted siding. Next, wee carefully apply stripper only where old stain is to be removed. Allow the striper to work for 10-15 minutes. Remove old stain with pressure. If it is coming off easily, we apply an acid like vinegar to neutralize the stripper and finish removing the stain. 
If the driveway has mildew or is especially dirty, we apply a layer of bleach first. Hook up the hard surface cleaner and turn on the pump and heat. Work in rows like mowing a lawn and keep the cleaner in motion as long as the trigger is pulled. A second pass in the opposite direction may be necessary to remove swirl marks. 
Clean up 
We then turn off water and roll up hoses. We replace any items moved such as trash bins or welcome mats. If necessary, we use  leaf blower to spread out disturbed mulch or debris blown by pressure. 
That’s it! Are you ready to witness the power of paint AND power washing? Schedule a free estimate here.