Hunter Rowe REALTOR® Trinity Gregor Shares Paint Advice for Homeowners Considering a Sale in 2019

Hunter Rowe REALTOR® Trinity Gregor Shares Paint Advice for Homeowners Considering a Sale in 2019

  • On July 11, 2019

We sat down with Trinity Gregor, REALTOR® at Hunter Rowe, to ask about 2019 paint trends. Not only is Trinity a rock star REALTOR®, but she is also a friend and customer of Express Yourself Paint. She shared trends, tips, and tricks all from a real estate agent’s perspective.

What paint trends are you seeing in 2019?

This year we are seeing a lot of gray/blue neutral paint colors with bold pops of color in smaller spaces. Classic paint colors continue to be the most desired for the main areas of the home. Historically in the south, many homes have a Haint Blue ceiling on the front porch, but I’ve been seeing this brought into the home, too! There has been a lot of really well done painted ceilings. It brings in an element of luxury to the bathroom or dining room. My favorite bathroom ceiling color is SEA FOAM 2123-60.

For the exterior, I will always love a classic white house with black shutters. But, we are seeing a lot of great homes being built that are a striking combo of Benjamin Moore Hale Navy and Classic White Trim and shutters.

Benjamin Moore Hale Navy Home

What do home buyers expect to see?

Home buyers are expecting to see a neutral palette that they can move into and easily add art or decor for pops of color. Most home buyers would prefer to have a home that is move-in ready.  They also expect that the paint job is professionally done and are off-put by drips and/or color that has bled onto the trim. In a buyer’s eyes, if they see a sloppy paint job they are going to be wondering where else a homeowner has cut corners.

Neutral Living Room

Should those wanting to sell their home paint before they list it? If so, what colors do you suggest?

Absolutely! It’s a great return on investment. Our homes are made to live in and dings/scuffs on the walls are just part of a well-loved home, but, home buyers don’t want a well-loved home. They want a “well-loved” home to feel like they are getting something close to new! Fresh paint can instantly perk up a dated home. Some home sellers believe that letting a buyer choose their own color is a benefit, but most home buyers are starting their search online and a home that’s well prepared will photograph the best and bring in more potential buyers.  Again, paint colors are going to depend on the color of the flooring and other items that cannot be easily changed. So consulting with your REALTOR® or a home prep specialist is key in choosing the right color!

Any other tips or tricks from a realtors perspective?

Paint colors can vary drastically depending on lighting and what paint color you are covering. I highly recommend consulting with an expert designer or stager prior to a full-home paint job. They are familiar with paint color undertones and can help you choose a color that will compliment your flooring or decor.  If you’re going to do it yourself, get a few large pieces of poster board and paint samples. Move the board around the room at different times of the day to get a feel for what the paint color will look like in different light. It’s also important not to ignore the doors, door frames and exterior paint!

We loved this Q&A with Trinity! If you are thinking about buying or selling a home, be sure to call our friend Trinity Gregor. If any of her ideas sparked your interest in painting the interior or exterior of your home, please give us a call or schedule your appointment here.



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