A common question we receive on estimates is “Should I do one or two coats of paint?” . The quick answer is anytime there is a color or sheen change, our policy at Express Yourself Paint is to apply two coats of paint. While there are many so-called “one coat” paints being marketed we have tried them and rest assured our years of experience have taught us they do not cover. Here are a few reasons:

  1. Professional painters perform minor drywall repairs both before and in-between coats of paint as they become visible. One coat is often not enough to cover even when the patchwork has been primed. The patches will absorb the paint and seem dull compared to the rest of the wall. 
  1. Many homes have not been painted for years and in some cases still have the original coat of paint. The walls become extremely dry or “thirsty”, thus absorbing a lot of paint. This results in a very spotty and unpleasant looking surface. 
  1. A second coat of paint is necessary for a sheen change as well. Paint film retracts slightly as it dries resulting in small gaps or tiny holes on the surface. When a new paint with a different sheen is applied over an old paint, often the difference in shine levels can be recognized. Even if it’s a color match, the result make the surface look uneven or patchy.
  1. Every manufacturers warranty calls for a second coat of paint within a certain window of time in order to bond the coats together, creating a minimum barrier thickness that properly seals the substrate from damage. 

So, when is one coat of paint an option? Here’s are three scenarios:

  1. Touch-ups. If a surface hasn’t been painted in more than a month then it should be painted with one coat, corner to corner with a paint match of color and sheen. 
  1. Rentals, painting to sell, some commercial spaces. Offices can be painted with a one coat application when computer matching existing color and sheen in order to improve the appearance of the space while keep costs within budget. 
  1. Exteriors.  If the paint film is in good shape (no chalking, cracking, peeling, exposed wood etc.), a high-end, high build exterior paint can  be applied. A computer match of existing color and sheen is still required in order to avoid brush strokes or uneven coverage. 

The power of paint fills many roles: color change, ability to clean with ease, increased durability are just to name a few. Depending on the color and condition of the surface to be coated, sometimes one coat of paint is just not possible. In most cases the extra expense of two coats is well worth the value gained in terms of the life of the paint.

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