Podcast Raleigh Recap: Charlie Ibarra

Podcast Raleigh Recap: Charlie Ibarra

  • On July 26, 2019

Express Yourself Paint is a proud supporter of Podcast Raleigh. This podcast that’s all about Raleigh is hosted by Ashton Smith and Hayes Permar. Each episode is a brief look into something that is changing the face of Raleigh and someone helping to lead that change. This week, the podcast duo spoke with Charlie Ibarra, Creative Director at Jose & Sons and Cortez.

Charlie Ibarra, Creative Director at Jose & Sons and Cortez

Charlie is the creative director of Jose and Sons and Cortez (and founding partner, along with his brother, Hector, and chef Oscar Diaz). Ashton and Hayes spoke with Charlie about growing up in restaurants, how music (like food) can transcend different groups, and why there is no queso dip on the menu at his restaurants.

Warning: This episode will make you hungry! You’ll hear about El Rodeo and El Dorado, the first two Mexican restaurants in the area which Charlie grew up in. It wasn’t until later in life that he knew he wanted to be in the restaurant space. Take some time to listen and learn about who and what inspired him to get into the restaurant industry.

If you haven’t already, go check out Jose and Sons for some Mexican meets Southern food and Cortez for fresh seafood and small plates. You’ll appreciate the two spaces and menus just a little bit more!

It was also a vacation week for Ashton and Hayes but they did have a few announcements for you:

1) They are hosting a class on podcasting! It’s put on by the folks at Skillpop.com, but led by the hosts of Podcast Raleigh. It’s August 19th and you can register here.

2) They would love your suggestions for #Top3Raleigh topics you think would be interesting and fun. Hit them up on twitter or Facebook or email them at PodcastRaleigh@gmail.com

To listen to this week’s Podcast Raleigh, download on Apple, Google, Stitcher, Spotify or listen right here.

As the premier residential and commercial painting company in Raleigh, we’re proud to support Podcast Raleigh. Contact us to schedule a free estimate and behold the power of paint!

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