Why Should I Have a Professional Stain My Deck?

Why Should I Have a Professional Stain My Deck?

  • On April 2, 2018

An attractive deck is known to be a great American tradition and a properly contracted deck stain is essential. If you want the exterior of your home to add in the personality of your house, a deck is a must. Decks can range from appealing, classic meeting spaces to a sophisticated spot to spend time alone or entertain guests. It is important for every homeowner to properly maintain the deck as undefended wood quickly becomes unattractive because it absorbs moisture and UV rays from the sun. It will snap, warp and kink without the needed protection. The sun will also break down the wood’s lignin, which is a natural wood glue, responsible for holding its fibers together.

It’s wise to hire a professional in order to get your deck properly stained that will withstand for few years. An experienced professional will ensure your satisfaction and offer you feasible options. The stain is available in a variety of colors, therefore it’s vital to test the right color blend beforehand. The color of the wood will eventually decide the color of stain to be used.


Preparing Your Deck

A professional will ensure that your deck is properly cleaned for staining. Older decks often require doffing as well a thorough cleaning to remove dirt and residue. Mill scales need to be removed from new decks as they are produced as a result of the milling process. A professional will do all that along with adding a wood brightener into the mix in order to refurbish the appearance of battered wood.


Properly Rinse

A professional will ensure that the deck is rinsed after the necessary cleaning, stripping, brightening. Staining is done once the wood is properly rinsed because if any chemical remains on it, it would break down the wood quickly.


Use a Prime, Premium Quality Stain

A reliable professional will service your deck with a premium stain. Better quality stains cost more but offer long lasted protection from all the ailing elements.


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