This strain of the coronavirus, known as Covid-19, is bringing the world of business down to its very knees. From transportation to manufacturing to retail sectors, the novel virus is leaving a trail of disruption in its wake.

And this is taking a toll on employment. In North Carolina alone, over 500,000 people have already filed for unemployment. This is at least according to the N.C. Department of Employment Security. The impact the novel virus is having on the painting industry is wide-ranging, explains our partners at Schambs Property Management, from the impact it is having on employment conditions and safety to the effects itโ€™s having within the supply chain.

In our last blog, we touched upon the precautions to guard against the spread of the virus. We’ve gone a step further by offering virtual estimating. Generally an EYP salesperson will come to a prospective client’s home and provide a free painting estimate within 30-45 minutes. In order to keep one less person in our client’s homes, we’ve using Zoom to provide a “virtual” painting estimate. We’ll schedule a time to have a meeting with a client, get a look and discuss the proposed project via Zoom and provide an estimate that same day. All we ask is the client is to provide elevation (ceiling height) and scope (interior projects can include ceilings and trim, color change on exterior or interior, etc). We’re the only painting company in the Triangle to provide this service.

Our clientโ€™s and team memberโ€™s safety is of the utmost importance and decisions are made in their best interest. We will continue to serve our clients while guarding against the coronavirus.ย  Schedule your painting estimate here.